Tuesday, 6 March 2012

de Lurve story :)

Salam .. Hye suma..da lma x update blog
Da mls nk update la sbnarnyer..hihi
Alhamdulillah,aku shat jer. U ollz shat?
Juz nk post quotes jew..ahakss :)

'The best relationship is not the one which is free frm problems but its the one where a sorry &smile makes evrythng just as perfect as bfore'
'Always follow your heart. Never leave a person you love for someone you like because your heart always stay on the person u truly love'
'Your past is a part of who you are, but it does not define who you will be. Take your experiences, learn from your mistakes.'
'In times of trouble, when you think nothing else can go wrong, just remember that even Roses need sh*t to grow and soon you will be strong!'
'If u love smeone, u should try to build them up every day. Not cut them off at the knees w/ the mistakes they cannot go back in time & undo!'
'Everyone feels emotional pain in their lives. You can either use that to bcome a better & stronger person or you use it as an excuse not to.'
'The past is the past and that's where it should stay... if people hold it against you then you don't need them in your life anyway!'
'If you concentrate on the ONE thing in your life that makes you truly happy, everything else in your life will fall into place.'
' When you feel nobody is listening, talk to God. When you feel like nobody is looking, turn to God'
' Lastly,honestly..I really miss my lover,Rossaleza Zakaria.. I love u so much.

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